Not seeing results? Tired of overspending? Tired of wasting time?

Meals customized for you and your goals.

How it works


Select from our wide variety of signature created dishes, custom, or specialty meal options. Choose between our OC Kitchen or local delivery in Los Angeles & OC area.


Our staff will carefully prepare, cook, and package all of your meals and have them fresh and ready to go!


You choose whether to pick up your meals in our OC Kitchen or even choose a delivery method in case you are busy. We never want you to miss out!


Our meal containers are 100% compostable natural fibers and are gluten-free, eco-friendly, and microwave and freezer safe. In just minutes you will be enjoying cuisine inspired by 5 star quality restaurants.

À la Carte

One-Time Order

Purchase any meals off our menu. This ordering method is perfect for one time orders and customizing your cart.

Meal Packs

One-Time Order

Select 10 or 20 meals that can be shipped nationally or you can pick-up at our store.

What Our Clients Says

I never had anything like this from meal prep before! The quality of ingredients used is unmatched compared to anything I've ever tried before!


Taste Is Unmatched!

I thought I would be seeing basic meal such as turkey meatballs and dried chicken. I opened my refrigerated bag to Surf & Turf! 8 meals for 100?! That's A Deal!


Lobster For Meal Prep Please!

I spent over $200+ at Whole Foods just to eat the same exact meal 3-4x in the same week! To not have to shop for groceries, clean dishes and eat boring meals day in and day out is a major time saver for our family.


Grocery Shopping Never Again

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